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All frames include the photograph pasted on cardboard and mounted on a mat in a neutral pH that allows the subject to take off the glass, ensuring better conservation of the work.

Available papers

Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308g

– Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 certifié Digigraphie® (mat finish)

Photo Rag paper is favorite photographer for making fine art prints . Touch and very fine and soft surface structure of Photo Rag are remarkably versatile and well suited to the art print in black & white and color photographs , as well as for the reproduction of works of art with great image depth . This paper is an extraordinary and exceptional hand made ​​in color or black and white.

Features: 308 g / m² · 100 % Cotton · White Paper Digigraphie certified.

Canson Baryta Photographique

– Canson Baryta Photographique (True baryta paper)

True baryta paper . Beautiful baryta paper “old ” smooth, natural white. This paper is a real fiber base developed for inkjet technology . It consists of an alpha cellulose acid-free base and pure white. The paper is coated with the same coating of barium sulfate as used for traditional silver halide and a microporous receiver layer pigment inks . Photographic Baryta paper presents the surface of the original appearance and baryta paper has been developed in accordance with ISO 9706 conservation standard to meet the highest requirements in terms of resistance to aging. This museum quality photo paper offers excellent black density and excellent resolution. Complies with ISO 9706 to maximize the longevity of your prints – Alkaline reserve to prevent damage due to the action of the atmosphere (CO2, ozone, etc …) , moisture or aggressive fumes.

– Certified acid free paper to prevent degradation

Canson Arches Velin Museum Rag

– Canson Arches Velin Museum Rag certifié Digigraphie® (rendu mat)

chosen over the centuries to make lithographs, intaglio etchings , engravings to the etching and collotypes by world renowned artists. This paper is naturally resistant to aging , it has a single purpose grain , smooth structure and pure white without optical brighteners. It is an ideal medium for printing high-end photography, publishing, digital art or uses in museums and galleries.

  • 100% coton
  • Made on round shape : the manufacturing technique to the old, in the purest tradition paper
  • Water resistant
  • OBA to prevent discoloration of the paper and keep its original color over several generations
  • Developed to meet the expectations of galleries and museums and respect the conservation of ISO 9706: – Alkaline reserve to prevent damage due to the action of the atmosphere (CO, ozone, etc …) , moisture or aggressive fumes. – Acid Free certified to avoid paper degradation

Digigraphie certified.

available sizes:

photo (cadre) 30 x 45 cm ( 40 x 55 cm) cadre en bois noir lisse / cadre 25mm / écran verre 60 x 40 cm ( 50 x 75 cm) cadre en bois noir lisse / cadre 40mm / écran Plexiglass

Hahnemühle Certificate

Certificate of Authenticity Hahnemühle was created for artists and photographers who want to ensure uniqueness of their works and limited edition prints on Hahnemühle papers. Each certificate is a paper document produced machine- round . This document is secure against forgery by the presence of a watermark and NIKON fluorescent security fibers .

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