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The draw is carried out under a plexiglass plate 5mm thick . The printer used is the Impala swissQprint brand. With 7 colors, this is the only flatbed printing machine on the market that can achieve high resolution and color rendition as good as a draw for classical art. The assembly is glued on a plate 3mm Dibond to protect the product back and stiffen .
Unlike lamination , the desired effect is not only the protection of the draw. The plexiglass is not there to be discreet but real value by giving a greater depth to your photo and sublimating colors.

plexiglass 5mm
Back aluminium Dibon 3mm
Comes with an aluminum frame at the rear
Option: Caisse américaine

Available sizes:

40 x 60 cm
60 x 90 cm

Hahnemühle Certificate

Certificate of Authenticity Hahnemühle was created for artists and photographers who want to ensure uniqueness of their works and limited edition prints on Hahnemühle papers. Each certificate is a paper document produced machine- round . This document is secure against forgery by the presence of a watermark and NIKON fluorescent security fibers .


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